Private management

Managing your wealth on a daily basis takes a lot of time, energy and is an important stressor, so our team of professionals is at your service. So you can go about your business in all serenity while we ensure for you the maintenance and profitability of your goods.

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We have extensive management missions
in order to meet your expectations:

  • Rental management

    • Search for tenants;
    • Signing of leases and guarantees;
    • Appointment of experts for the inventory of entry and exit (50% of the cost to the owner);
    • Registration of lease.
  • Basic technical management

    • Monitoring of minor repairs;
    • Follow-up of all subcontractors for the maintenance of the property;
    • Control of the obligations of the tenant resulting from the lease agreement;
    • Follow up of claims files, rehabilitation of affected areas with the trustee or insurance company;
    • Preparation of an annual report on the condition of the property.
  • Supplementary technical management

    • Establishment of estimates for the refreshment of goods, – control and acceptance of works;
    • Establishment of a diagnosis concerning the energy quality of your property and a list of works to be carried out;
    • Follow-up of the maintenance services (cleaning, regular visit of the property, research and follow-up of garden maintenance subcontractors, swimming pool, roofing …).
  • Administrative management

    • Proxy opening of a bank account in the name of the owner on whom the tenant will pay rents and charges;
    • Monitoring of the constitution of the guarantee;
    • Management of supply contracts (energy, etc.);
    • Calculation of indexation, schedule of leases and guarantees;
    • Recovery of rents and charges (recall, demands), in case of default of the obligations of the tenant;
    • Payment of various invoices, trustee accounts;
    • Breakdown of owner / tenant charges;
    • Provide the owner with a detailed quarterly and annual account for each property;
    • In joint ownership, representation of the owner at the Annual General Meeting of the co-owners.
  • Additional service

    • Establishment of a residential PEB certificate, mandatory for any rental or sale.

    General note:

    Not included in the fees are all services ordered outdoors, such as boiler maintenance, meter readings, various repairs, chimney sweeping, alarm system (non exhaustive list).